Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The whole truth.

There comes a time, when, however strong you are, however good you're holding it together and however perfectly you manage yourself through, well, there comes a time when you'll gonna need Someone to tell the whole truth to.
Someone to be honest to, Someone to whom you won't need to smile, or say "I'm ok" or fake your whole screwed-up life in front of. Someone I need.
Problem is Someone is hard to find. Especially because we ourselves find it hard to be Someone for the person standing next to us. Truth is inconvenient. Truth is something we want out of our minds, because our truth is our reality and our reality is the exact place we want to get out of. We can't face that. We can't face ourselves. And we can't hear ourselves talking about how weak we are, how miserable, how scared. We can't hear ourselves telling the truth we so try to hide. And Someone's role is that of making us feel so comfortable, so protected, that we would let go of that and be honest. We are not ok. We are not happy. We are not where we want to be and we are lying about it all.